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We offer a wide range of production services in Dubai, UAE

Video Production

We bring your visual ideas to reality and galore with expertise in craftsmanship and leading industry standards.

Audio Production

We have a team of experienced audio professionals who can help you create high-quality audio content

Film Distribution

You don’t have to take the headache of distributing your film, we will do it for you. We use online sources

Media Consultancy

Our media consultancy firm provides customized media solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.

Artist Management

Our Firm commitment, knowledge about artist management companies in your town

Event Management

We pride ourselves on attention to detail, creative innovation, You can rely on us to make your event a memorable one

AAA Records

YOUR Gateway to Exceptional Music Production

AAA Records is a music label launched by AAA Reels. Our industry expertise with creative excellence to deliver high-quality, unforgettable music experiences. At Playback Records, we strive to nurture and support talented artists, fostering a vibrant and diverse music community. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, we aim to push boundaries and elevate the music industry to new heights.


All Under One Roof in Dubai

Our expert media team will assist you at every step. From setting up your video set to running post-production to taking care of distribution or if you need a reality show or scripted series. We have got you covered.

We specialize in artist management for all creative projects ensuring all aspects of the artists and talent to be handled with care be it a music show, recording or video production.


AAA Reels video production services are top-notch! Their passion for creativity and high-quality content shines through in every project. Working with AAA playback team was a breeze, and the end results exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend them for anyone seeking exceptional video production services in Dubai.

Umair Ali

AAA Reels, is nothing short of amazing! Their passion for high-quality video production services fuelled by boundless creativity is truly commendable. Every collaboration with the talented team at AAA Playback is a delightful experience. Their unwavering dedication to delivering stunning corporate content reflects their remarkable creative vision and sets them apart in the industry.

Sidra Awan

AAA Reels is amazing company. I enjoyed working With them. They not only provided one stop solution to my video needs but also went beyond the miles to help me. Highly recommended

Asad Aslam

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We work with immense hard work and dedication to produce the best for any project making our clients stand out in the industry.

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